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Mrs. Kong, Pok Fu Lam

My son is very excited about chess, and looks forward to the weekly sessions with Scholastic Chess.​

I am glad my son has developed a humbleness to learn and enjoy the game of chess.​

Chess is now our family game.  My 3 kids enjoy it so much.

Mrs. Fung, Kennedy Town

Mrs. Chan, Wan Chai

Mrs. Gupta, Bel-Air

I have seen a dramatic improvement in my son's ability to concentrate to accomplish tasks and exercises after picking up chess. I am delighted to see this positive change.

Seeing you teach a 6 year old, and he is able to analyze and articulate why he makes the move he made is exhiliriating and unexpected.

Winning a game after initially having a losing position helps my son  to learn not to give up easily.

Mr. Wong, Pok Fu Lam

Mrs. Yeung, London

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