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Scholastic Chess manages on-campus chess programs of a number of schools in the Hong Kong SAR.  These chess programs are operated in partnership with the respective pre-schools, primary and secondary schools.  We also offer private and group lessons for students of various skill levels; starting from the true beginner who has zero knowledge of chess, to tournament players.  

Manage on-campus Chess Program

- We provide a turn-key solution for school's on-campus chess program.

- These programs include chess clubs, school  tournaments, and after school lessons.

- Through these programs, the students develop analytical, mathematical and social skills.

Private & Group


​- We have small group classes of up to 8 students to ensure personal care and attention for each and every student.  The group classes also provide the social element in the game.

- Our private lessons are customized for the individual students, providing them the most effective learning experience.



- We provide coaching and personalized preparation for the students who have made the personal decision to compete at open tournaments.

- These intenstive sessions are designed to help the students to most effectively capitalize on their strengths while minimizing the consequences of their weaknesses.​

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